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Meetup on 18 April 2017

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  • Timeular Zei is a neat time-tracking helper if you have to switch between up to 8 different tasks every day.
  • If you’re working with boltdb you might also want to take a look at storm, a toolkit around boltdb which offers things like indices and advanced queries.
  • We also talked about Go as first language but also about learning platforms. Here Exercism got mentioned which by now has more than 100 exercises for Go alone!
  • Perhaps we could do a Dojo using either Exercism or something similar in the future. Another option might be collaborating with the Blockchain Group in Graz on one.
  • Troy Hunt has a new PluralSight called What every developer must know about HTTPS out!
  • After that we started talking about life as a software developer and working conditions and somehow digressed completely into discussions about game development. There is, for instance, an awesome post-mortem talk about Diablo 1. And as you cannot have a discussions about game development without mentioning id software at least once, Masters of Doom was also recommended 😊
  • Closing the evening we talked about some ideas we have for the future of GoGraz. As a first step, we will create a Twitter account (done 😉) but also regularly post meetup-notes in the future 😊

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