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Meetup on 20 June 2017

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  • We talked quite a while about various web-toolkits including buffalo and a new router called chi that, among other features, also auto-generates documentation.
  • Buffalo, on the other hand, is a full-blown web-framework, but many of its components like the template language can be used standalone.
  • Another nice tool is Ponzu. This provides an easy to set up CMS with a read-only API. Sounds ideal for some JAMStack applications.
  • From that we moved on to talking quite a bit about JWTs and how each of us has used them in the past. In the end we agreed that they are useful but often used in the wrong places. For instance, storing them in localStorage is security-wise perhaps not ideal but using them just by backend services internally with a session gateway exposing a classic session ID to end users sounds like a nice approach. For signing tokens Matthias mentioned a talk where the speaker used public key systems for making verifications easy for services without having to rely on a shared secret.
  • As always, we also had some stories about teaching Go to new users. That lead to a short discussion with the outcome that in many situations using channels instead of mutexes to handle control flows adds unnecessary complexity.
  • Of course, no Go me tip is complete without mentioning dependency management at least once 🙃 Turns out, it is still not ideal especially when private repositories are part of the dependency tree. But at least dep now has a stable file format 🙂
  • The last major topic was a relatively new backup tool called restic, which makes backing up directories to something like S3 very easy without compromising on security.
  • Oh, and Francesc Campoy’s JustForFunc was mentioned simply because it is one of the best YouTube channels about Go 😉

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