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Meetup on 18 July 2017

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As the weather was simply too nice to sit inside even the nicest office, we opted for a free table on the Lendplatz with some drinks and pizza! Sadly, we forgot to leave a not where we were. Sorry about that 😔

As with last time we somehow focused on web-related topics, starting off with casbin: A toolkit for modelling rules which can be used, for instance, for handling authorisation rule-sets on website. There is even already a middleware that can be used directly with chi!

Mario also stumbled upon another nice middleware for enforcing secure defaults in Go web-applications called secure by Cory Jacobsen.

You can also find this event on Meetup.com.

If you want to give a talk or just have an idea for a talk you'd like to hear/see, please take a look at our PING! repository!

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