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Meetup on 21 November 2017

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  • At the latest dotGo conference in Paris earlier this month Liz Rice gave an amazing talk in which she build a simple debugger using some of syscall-helpers available in Go.
  • Mario has been writing a authentication service for the last couple of months for one of his projects and is thinking about releasing it. While talking about that we also came across authn which does something similar. Horst mentioned that he would look into it.
  • Afterwards we talked a little bit about secret stores as Horst was starting to roll out Vault in a couple of his projects. At the last CraftConf in Budapest there was a talk by Diogo Monica about how Docker Swarm is dealing with secrets. Sadly, we couldn’t find a recording of this talk so far.
  • A heated discussion about the merrits of ORMs in Go followed with Mario and Horst being in favor of query builders and Lukas trying to play devil’s advocate.
  • Everybody seems to love Firefox Quantum so far ❤️ There is also an extension available for it that allows to manage multiple profiles within the same window which is useful if you have multiple accounts for the same service for work and personal use: Multi-account containers

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