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Meetup on 20 August 2019

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  • The next meetup will take place on 9 September, most likely at the same venue as always just with some talks and possibly lighting talks. We still have to do some advertising for that :-)
  • Amazon has released a website for the PartiQL language, which aims to enhance SQL with support for semistructured and nested data.
  • There is going to be a Rust meetup on 28 August at Lab10!
  • The people behing Traefik announced a new Go interpreter called Yaegi.
  • Revolut seems to offer transactions at interbank-rates.
  • Klarna offers things like down payments, credit checks etc. It’s platform is built on top of Erlang. (How they are dealing with GDPR-requirements for credit rating checks is a different topic…)
  • Post.at, Google, and Amazon as large-scale data collectors
    • Talk by Kartharina Nocun about here experience with Amazon
    • Recently, there has been a similar video on HackerNews about Google. @Dorian: Can you perhaps remember its name?
  • Influence of large corporations and propaganda in general on the public opinion
    • Do only large players benefit from data analysis?

You can also find this event on Meetup.com.

If you want to give a talk or just have an idea for a talk you'd like to hear/see, please take a look at our PING! repository!

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