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Meetup on 17 January 2022

We hope you had a good start into the new year. Despite (or perhaps because of) being on winter holidays we didn’t really have the time to prepare anything elaborate for the first GoGraz instalment of the year. We will still have the usual rundown of what happened since last month in the Go community and can then have discussions, lighting talks, code-review, whatever we feel like :-)

If you want to give a quick presentation of a new tool you’ve stumbled upon or some technique you’ve tried, please just come and share your knowledge! No need sign up for a “lightning talk” (5-15min). If you want more time, please just send a mail to talks@gograz.org. This is just to let us know in advance so that we can add your talk to the event notes!

Also: If you have some non-confidential piece of code that you want to have reviewed, we can also do that 😀

As always, we’ll update the Meetup announcement with the final Zoom URL on the day of the event. On our Meetup page you can also find all the details about this event.

Lighting talks

What happened since last month


  • FOSDEM on Feb 5 and Feb 6 once again with a dedicated Go devroom and interesting talks!
  • Go 1.18 will be released some time in February
  • As always, there are tons of other meetups happening around the world. Many of them are now part of the Go Developer Network and can be found on https://www.meetup.com/pro/go.

Ping repository

  • https://github.com/gograz/ping
  • Building a repository/backlog of talk ideas
  • Everyone can suggest talks by creating a ticket in there
  • During the meetups we look over the open tickets and work out if someone wants to look into one of these topics and prepare a talk for the upcoming months.

Things we stumbled upon

You can also find this event on Meetup.com.

If you want to give a talk or just have an idea for a talk you'd like to hear/see, please take a look at our PING! repository!

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