GoGraz Go User Group Graz

Meetup on 21 March 2022

Welcome to the March edition of GoGraz! This month Christoph Lipautz is going to give a talk about pogo, a GitLab executor using podman!

Afterwards we’ll have the usual discussion round and a quick review of what happened since the last meetup.

Pogo demo

  • Goal was to basically become independent of Docker.
  • eyeson-team/pogo
  • https://podman.io
  • Registered as custom executor with the GitLab runner
  • Security incident 2021 where someone managed to gain access through the CI infrastructure.
  • pogo definitely has the best-places logo on any GitHub page 😅
  • Custom executors basically need to define handlers for the stages config, prepare, run, and cleanup. These handlers are basically just shell commands.
  • Pogo can be configured to mount additional folders from the host machine depending on a job’s tags.
  • You can also specify a custom auth file to handle access to container registries specific to the executor.
  • gitlab-runner will be run again by the executor in order to do the cache management etc.


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